11 Best Coffee Shops in Chattanooga

“A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it” -Anonymous. For a coffee lover, it is important to have a list of the best coffee shops in any town you visit.  And if you are heading to the Scenic City, here is a list of the 11 best coffee shops in Chattanooga. 

The world consumes over a 2.5billion cups of coffee every day. According to the estimates, in the United States alone, more than 85% of the adult population drinks coffee. Coffee has many proven good factors and this increasingly supported by many scientific papers. 

Did you know that besides providing a burst of stimulation, coffee has many nutrients and antioxidants?  This includes riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, potassium, and phenolic compounds. 

Is coffee good to drink?

Many people think coffee is a good drink.  A day without coffee or, for some, cups of coffee is unimaginable for millions of people. It is now well accepted that drinking coffee is good for your health.

Does coffee make you sexually active?

There is overwhelming evidence that coffee could be a milder form of the famous blue pill! Experts believe that caffeine triggers the cavernous smooth muscles, helping erectile dysfunction, a common problem amongst men. The friendly polyphenols in the coffee pump up testosterone increasing the blood flow.

10 Awesome Coffee shops Chattanooga – Scenic City

I was in Atlanta in 2019 attending a conference.  This was before the COVID tragedy. Over the weekend went over to the ‘Scenic City’ to visit a friend. I love coffee and am addicted to caffeine. Hence my first mission in was to search for the best coffee shops in Chattanooga. 

Chattanooga has hundreds of coffee shops, and The Foursquare City Guide carries an extensive selection of good and recommended coffee shops.

You will find here a choice of the 11  best coffee shops in the Chattanooga area according to my preference. Please note that the list is not a ranking but an alphabetical listing based on:

  1.     Consistent quality
  2.     Excellent service
  3.     Great location
  4.     Great Coffee

Cadence Coffee

Cadence Coffee is a decade-old establishment on 7th street. The 3 Cs resonate with this organization – Cadence Coffee Company and its three values are Coffee, Community, Change.  With a friendly staff and a vibrant atmosphere, the place is always buzzing with people. 

Since its establishment, Cadence Coffee always provided the best cup of coffee in the Chattanooga community. They pride themselves on the quality of the roastings of their coffee. The place offers a comfortable area to study, read and hang out with friends.  You will quickly notice that the friendly staff is quick to recognize the regulars and make an effort to remember the favorite coffee of their customers.

Drip coffee at the Cadence is one of the best I have ever tasted. They also serve delicious iced lemon blueberry muffins and oat-banana muffins with raisins and dark chocolate topped with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon. Another coffee to try at this place is their A mocha. Amocha is their take on classic mocha with a hint of Amaretto flavoring and chocolate shavings to top it off. 

Camp House Coffee Shop

Founded in 2009, Camp House was initially located at the Southside Historic District. The place shifted its location to the Innovation District in downtown Chattanooga; Camp House provides a creative atmosphere for artists and others, where people can meet, collaborate and spend time. It is a coffee house that doubles up as a city commons venue and holds regular events like lectures, performances, and other events.

Mission Abbey, a religious institution, took the initiative to start the Camp House. The purpose was to ‘cultivate a culture that will create a thriving community for everyone. Camp House sells the Mad Priest coffee along with beers and wine.

The restaurant also has a decent selection of breakfast, brunch, and lunch menus. The free atmosphere and the electric ambiance make Camp House one of the best coffee shops in Chattanooga. 

City Café Diner

One of the trendy restaurants in the heart of Chattanooga, City Café, has won several awards and recognition over the years. Open 24/7 and 365 days a year, it operates from three different locations in the city. City Café serves delicious coffee, and the full menu consists of over 400 items and 90 yummy homemade cakes.

City Café is known as ‘Everybody’s kitchen’ and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of the best places to start your day with morning coffee and a choice of breakfast.  The Caribbean Monte Christo is one of its best-known lunch dishes. It is a wrap of sliced turkey, ham, Swiss, and cheddar cheese in a beer-battered and deep-fried tortilla and served with pesto mayonnaise. 

Frothy Monkey Coffee Shop

Frothy Monkey offers one of the best coffee shop atmospheres in Chattanooga town. It was opened in 2004 and provides several dishes using local ingredients and served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere with comfy couches spread throughout the restaurant. It is also one of the first specialty coffee shops. 

Frothy Monkey roasts its coffee and sources specialty coffees from all over the world. Its 12 South Blend is named after the first coffee shop they had opened on the 12th Avenue South. 12 South is a medium roasted blend with a natural sweetness with hints of taste like chocolate, hazelnuts, and apples.  

Another great coffee sold at this coffee shop is the single-origin coffees.  Select exceptional shifting single region coffees are sourced from all over the world, roasted, and served. You will find Coffee from Columbia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc.

Goodman Coffee Roasters

Goodman Coffee Roasters boasts one of the best locations in the busy downtown Chattanooga. It’s a European-style café and a favorite place for many for a meeting and to savor the variety of espresso drinks. The coffee bar has a fine selection of drip coffee, using their beans and roasted in the neighborhood. 

Not only serving fine coffee, but this coffee shop also boasts of building a sustained and nurturing relationship with the coffee farmers to help them grow fine coffee.  They have several CSR activities focusing on assisting their partner farmers across the world.   

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 Goodman Coffee Roasters has two branches in Chattanooga and several partner establishments selling their Coffee, cold brew, and liqueur. The coffee shop in Market Street in Warehouse Row has an outdoor patio. It is the perfect place to sit back and contemplate watching the world go by while sipping one of the best coffee in town.

According to their website, Ian Goodman, master roaster and co-owner, has a passion for good coffee and has spent years in the coffee-growing areas of Sumatra and started the coffee shop in 1996. His coffee showcases the flavor profile of each region, cultivar, and crop.

Hillbilly Willy’s Bar-B-Q

Hillbilly Willy’s is a family-owned barbeque restaurant at the foot of the lookout mountain in Chattanooga. It’s a local favorite for this mouthwatering barbeque selection of a wide variety of meat dishes. And their proprietary BBQ sauce is guaranteed to tingle your taste buds.

The restaurant also serves pizzas with homemade dough, homemade sauce, and ground beef cooked in-house bacon and hand-picked toppings. They have a good selection of coffee, ice cream and sweet treats, and a separate kids menu. Hillbilly Willy’s undoubtedly is a great place for tasty food and great service.

Mad Priest Coffee Roasters

The name of this coffee shop is inspired by the book ‘The Count of Monte Christo’ by Alexander Dumas. Mad Priest Coffee Roasters is one of the local coffee shops with a mission to “craft excellent coffee. Educate the Curious. Champion the displaced”.

One of the unique and specialty Coffee sold by them is the steeped coffee bags. Like a teabag, delicious coffee comes in a steeped bag to make yourself a quick coffee on the go. They sell Coffee from Peru, Nicaragua, Sumatra, and Colombia. Hand roasted and crafted with passion, Mad Priest Coffee roasters have several new flavors depending on the season. 

Anastasis, a seasonal blend, is an excellent coffee that you can ever taste. It is feisty, crisp, and sweet, giving you that instant boost of energy that you may need after a tiring day. The Broad Street location has outdoor seating to enjoy the sun and the fresh air while enjoying the white mocha.

Mean Mug Coffee House

Mean Mug Coffee Roasters is a local coffeehouse specialized in single-origin coffee. It operates from two locations, Means Mug South on the Main Street and Mean Mug North on the Manufacturers Road.

They deal with coffee from all over the world and have some excellent single-origin and blend coffee. Coffee from far-off places like Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo adds to the wide selection. 

The Coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo is a light roast and process washed with hints of blackberry, lime, walnut, and brown sugar. It is a rare coffee not usually available in mainstream coffee shops.

 Mean Mug Coffee Roasters also offer wholesale distribution of their coffee. Their great expresso blend has a new flavor of juicy cherry, and lemon highlights with linger milk chocolate and caramel flavors.

Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop

Rembrandt’s Coffee House is undoubtedly one of the best places on the High Street of the Bluff View Art District, where the coffee drinkers head to. It has won the Times Free Press Best of the Best Award for Best Local Coffee Shop for a whopping 11 years in a row!

Bluff View is the first art district of Chattanooga, stretching over 1.5 city blocks atop a stone cliff and stunning views of the Tennessee River. Rembrandt’s coffee is a great spot for relaxing after a long day at work.

Set in a European-style café, Rembrandt offers a range of house-roasted coffees, artisan bread and sandwiches. They also have a variety of hand-dipped chocolate treats, gift packed for that special occasion—the chocolate selection range from liquor-infused truffles to chocolate-covered bacon bark. 

The coffee is directly sourced from their own roasting company resulting in the smoothest and most flavorful coffee. 

Stone Cup Cafe

‘Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love’ is how this trendy café calls itself a Turkish proverb. The emphasis for them is on their strong coffee they serve their coffee lovers of Chattanooga since 1997.  Stone Cup Roasting Company buys coffee beans from all over the world.  They are roasted to perfection to make a refreshing cup of coffee. Always available fresh, they claim that their coffee is never over a week old.

The selection offers both coffee and tea; Stone Cup Café also has a limited menu for lunch. Amiable and helpful staff, the café has some beautiful views of Coolidge Park. The place also has regular musical events.

Velo Coffee Roasters

Located at 509, E Main St, Velo Coffee Roasters has a unique roasting concept, packaging, brewing, bottling, and servicing from the same space. It offers a good selection of coffee from around the world served in an ambiance resembling a Zen space. It has a small outdoor garden to enjoy the sun and enjoying the freshest coffee the town can offer.

Velo Coffee Roasters has a well-recommended espresso bar and occasionally offers free drip coffee throughout the day. Their French press coffee is highly recommended.

The list of the 11 best coffee shops in Chattanooga is subjective and based on the personal preferences of the author.  

For a coffee lover, the coffee shop is the eternal playground when intellectual stimulation plays a significant role in creative and productive work. Whether it is writing poetry or finishing a sales proposal, the coffee shop is the ideal place.  A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

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